About Mark


As you look through my history you will find that my rural Iowa upbringing gives me a work ethic and caring for people that will drive me to make changes in mental health and other family resources. I was a leader at a very young age. My experience as an executive will take care of your tax payer dollars. Being a City Councilman is the perfect training ground for an Arapahoe County Commissioner. My love for camping and for Colorado makes me the candidate that will care most about our natural resources and our environment, thanks so much!

Mark was adopted into a loving family in Iowa who instilled in him respect for others and a sociable demeanor making him easygoing and a good communicator. Mark will work hard for your family because he believes you thrive in a safe environment. He will support your family funding programs like mental health.

Mark Graduated from the University of South Dakota where he ran track and cross country. At an early age he showed leadership skills being the captain of both teams.

Mark's career was in the Call Center Business where he was an executive. He was leading organizations in sales and customer service until his final position as Vice President of Customer and Technical Support of a Fortune 100 company. His budgets were as large as the County's and his organization was over 5000 employees. Mark's background in customer satisfaction translates to service. You call him, he will answer. You have an issue he will do everything he can to resolve it. He truly loves fighting for residents.

In 2010, Mark made the important decision to be a stay-at-home dad. He considers the chance to stay home and watch his kids grow as a privilege of a lifetime. Mark knows the county you live in makes a large impact on the environment your kids will grow up in. Mark will work diligently with the new health department to ensure our children are safe and excel in healthy environments.

His children motivated him to run for City Council in 2013 to help Centennial be a city that all families are proud to raise their kids in. In his time on Council, they widened east Arapahoe Road, left the city debt-free with a healthy fund balance, approved an additional $3 million for road improvements, and an additional $1 million for snow removal. He also made Centennial part of the LiveWell Colorado's HEAL Cities initiative, ensured speed limits were accurate and fair, and funded additional safety officers in our schools.

Mark currently executes government affairs policies and processes for an internet company supplying a gigabit service to the City of Centennial. Mark is a detailed oriented process improvement champion. This will translate into taking care of your tax payer dollars.

Mark and his family's main hobbies are camping and fostering puppies (Though fostering was put on hold after adopting their 13th foster dog Amari ). Protecting Colorado's natural resources is extremely important to him.

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I love my community and neighborhood. Knowing there are issues any county can improve on; I feel I can make a difference.

-Mark Gotto