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    The County's Future Strategic Initiatives

    A new Health Department - I will use my strategic planning skills as a VP and Centennial City Councilman to drive the County's new health department. We have to get it right from a cost perspective and a leadership perspective. The County will need my experience and knowledge to achieve these initiatives.

    Federal Infrastructure Funding - The only way to ensure that the millions of dollars for infrastructure is spent the correct way is to elect someone with a budget and finance background. Someone with the experience of prioritizing and not wasting taxpayer money.

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    A Safe Community

    Car and Property theft has increased over 4 times what is was just two years ago. As a Centennial City Councilman we managed our 25 million dollar budget with the Sheriff's Department so every penny was spent on the safety of the community. My focus on safety helped make Centennial the safest city in the county with over 100,000 people! I want to do that for the county.

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    Fiscal Responsibility

    The County has a 400 Million Dollar Budget - This is an executive level position. How we manage these dollars will dictate the County's success for years to come. I am a fiscal conservative. I will manage waste and promise to fund all necessary resources important to the community.