• Nancy Sharpe, Arapahoe County Commissioner District 2

    I’ve known Mark since he was on the City Council in Centennial. What always stuck out was his honesty and integrity. He is such a great guy. We met often to talk about the issues that were important to Centennial residents and how the county could be a partner to find solutions. Mark always worked hard and effectively to serve the people in Centennial and to improve their quality of life as he would do for the county.

  • Stephanie Piko, Current Centennial Mayor

    As a member of Centennial’s City Council, Mark was solution driven and focused on meeting the needs of the members of our community. Working with Mark was a highlight of my time on City Council, the energy he brings is contagious. Mark will be a great Arapahoe County Commissioner.

  • Kathy Turley, Current Centennial Mayor Pro-Tem

    Mark and I have worked together on several initiatives when he was a City Councilman. We could always depend on Mark to get the job done. Mark is conscientious, research driven with excellent follow-through never leaving “a stone unturned.” Mostly, he is a team player, a listener, with a dependable end-goal mindset.

  • Carrie Penaloza, former Centennial City Councilmember

    I had the pleasure of working with Mark on Centennial City Council for 2 years. In that time, Mark impressed me with his strong work ethic, excellent ability to collaborate with other council members, and, most of all, his unwavering focus on serving the interests of the citizens he represented. Mark's deep knowledge of Centennial and Arapahoe County and common sense approach to issues would make him an excellent County Commissioner.

  • Cathy Noon, Former Centennial Mayor

    Having served with Mark on the Centennial City Council for four years, I know firsthand how hard he works for his constituents and how effective he is at getting things done. Arapahoe County residents deserve a commissioner with that commitment!

  • Scott Wagner, Small Business Owner

    I was hoping to move up in my company. Mark took a chance on me and promoted me. I worked for Mark for almost 2 years. He taught me how to motivate and develop people to achieve maximum performance. Mark was instrumental in my career and since then I have used his management style to be successful in other areas of business. I owe him a lot for taking that chance on me. I am so happy that Mark is considering serving the county he lives in.

  • Rocco DeChalk, VP Client Operations

    I have known Mark Gotto for 20 years as a boss, mentor and friend. Mark Gotto is a man of great integrity, is extremely dedicated to his family and has an incredible work ethic. I can truly say I would not be where I am today without the help of Mark Gotto.

  • Nileen Weaver, Director of At Home Operations

    I had the opportunity to work with Mark Gotto for several years. In that time he taught me the value of hard work and dedication through his own example. He also showed me that a good leader inspires as well as directs his team to achieve uncommon results. It is a privilege for me to say when asked that Mark has served as a mentor in my life and for that I am truly grateful.

  • Pat Joe, VP of Call Center Operations

    Working for an executive of Mark's caliber was always a rewarding experience. It's not that common to find a business-minded leader that continually brings the question of "right and wrong" into every business decision he makes. Mark's #1 consideration when making business decisions was always the welfare of his 5,000+ employees and the impact his decisions would have on them both personally and professionally. That kind of genuine concern for employees and their families is an extremely rare attribute of executives in today's bottom-line focused business world.

  • Dave Gottsleben, Head Track and Cross Country Coach University of South Dakota

    Mark Gotto was a great leader in our quest for a berth in the NCAA National Cross Country Meet in 1987. His ability to motivate others to train hard as well as push himself gave our team the ability to make the NCAA Cross Country championships. Mark not only led our team on the xc course and the Track but was a very dedicated student athlete. We are proud at South Dakota to have Mark Gotto as one of our great alumni.

  • Berni Han, Fortune 500 CEO, Board Director

    Mark was a pleasure to work with at Dish. He is a high-character leader who is willing to work hard to get things done.

  • Keith Gardner, Former Centennial City Councilman

    I had the pleasure of serving with Mark on Centnnial’s City Council and over that time, I saw Mark’s close relationship with his wife and their kids, and I saw him lead a number of initiatives for our community. He led the effort to have accurate speed limits throughout the City, he championed bringing high speed internet to Centennial, he fought to keep resource officers in our schools, he spearheaded changing the restrictions on fireworks and he was a staunch advocate on a number of infrastructure projects in Centennial, to name a few.

    I always found Mark to be a joy to work with. He is fair, committed, collaborative, his reasoning sound and he always focused on what was best for our Community. Mark is the definition of a true public servant.

  • Ken Lucas, Current South Suburban Board Member

    I sat by Mark on Council for four years. I was immediately impressed with his knowledge of city processes. He is one of the best communicators I have ever worked with. Together Mark and I drove policy to ensure Centennial was a business friendly city. Mark would be the perfect fit for an Arapahoe County Commissioner.

  • Randy Pye, Former Centennial Mayor

    I’m pleased to have known Mark Gotto for numerous years, as a devoted family man with a wonderful wife and two fabulous children and as a great and caring neighbor. I have observed him during our relationship grow and evolve from his time as Vice President of Customer Care at Dish Network to an elected Councilman on the City of Centennial City Council, and now as City Manager of Ting Internet for the City of Centennial. Each one of these jobs are complex and have allowed Mark to acquire the skill sets that will be necessary to handle the position of Arapahoe County Commissioner. His talents demonstrated in the private sector and as an elected public official lend well to what will be needed overseeing the functions, personnel, and budget for a county as large as Arapahoe County. He has over the years demonstrated the ability to weigh and analyze the needs of his customers and constituents and make practical decisions for what's best for them and I know he will do so for Arapahoe County while working collaboratively with his fellow County Commissioners. For these reasons and more I support, and I heartily endorse Mark Gotto for the position of Arapahoe County Commissioner District 2 because I know Mark has the skills and talents to be an effective and successful Arapahoe County Commissioner.